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15/01/2021 New versions 2021 of Philcarto, Phildigit and Eclats 
10/11/2020 France, base maps at level of the regions 2016 and departments in 2015 by 1000 meters grid.
20/10/2020 France, base maps at level of the 22 métropolis in 2018 by 200 meters grid, communes and IRIS.
28/08/2020 France, 2020 collection of base maps compatible with the 2017 census published in June 2020, at the levels of France as a whole, regions and departments (Communes, Public inter-municipal cooperation Authorithy (EPCI) 2020, Living areas, Employment areas, Departments).
01/05/2020 New Philcarto website online (version 7).
21/04/2020 Romania, base maps at levels Macroregions, regions, departments, communes and localities.
15/04/2020 Eclats software : version 2.10e. Corrections of details. Selection and aggregation of lines in an Excel spreadsheet; selection of map elements in a shapefile.
13/04/2020 France, base maps at level of the 22 métropolis in 2018 by communes and IRIS.
08/04/2020 Europe, base maps of the European Union and associated countries in 2016 at the level of the Union and groups of States by NUTS0, NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3.
28/03/2020 Logiciel Philcarto : version 2020.a. Many improvements and corrections.
Phildigit software: version 2.52. Zoom enhancement; 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
22/03/2020 Germany, base maps at national and Länder levels, by municipalities and circles (Kreise), compatible with the 2011 census.
29/07/2018 Brazil, base maps at national and major regions and state levels in 2016, compatible with the 2017 agro-pastoral census, by communes, micro-regions and meso-regions.
26/07/2018 France, base maps at national, regions and departments levels in 2017 compatible with the 2015 population census.

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Utility software for selecting / aggregating data in an Excel spreadsheet and for selecting cartographic elements in a shapefile